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June 2016

Smile Assist is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Align Technology, Inc and Smile Assist, LLC whereby Smile Assist will become an integrated third party through the Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS). Invisalign recognizes that there is need for assistance with the online digital treatment planning and has chosen to work with the Smile Assist consultants to provide this service. The treatment planning performed by Smile Assist’s orthodontist consultants has provided the high quality results demanded by the doctors who want the best outcome possible for their patients treated with Invisalign’s clear aligners. Smile Assist programmers have been working with a dedicated team of Invisalign programmers over the past year to make this integration a reality.


What’s the purpose of the integration?

For Align, this integration provides a reliable third party where only qualified, highly trained orthodontists who have a long history of treating patients with Invisalign will be working on ClinChecks of the doctors that submit cases to Smile Assist.  For Smile Assist, this integration makes the access required to doctors’ IDS more secure.  After registering with Smile Assist through the IDS site, a direct link will be established for access only to the ClinCheck from each Smile Assist consultants’ list of individual patients.  For doctors that have registered through the IDS site, Smile Assist consultants will not be required to log on to their IDS to have access to the ClinCheck. The direct link will open the ClinCheck.  This makes other information on the doctor’s IDS site unavailable and as a consequence, more secure.  In addition, once registered with Smile Assist through the IDS site, doctors can submit a patient to Smile Assist without re-entering much of the patient information. This information will be transmitted as part of the integration and should save a lot of time for our client doctors.


What happens if a doctor does not integrate through the Invisalign Doctor Site?

Doctors who are currently registered with Smile Assist can continue to send patients for treatment planning services through the Smile Assist website as usual and nothing changes. Consultants will be able to access the ClinChecks with the username and password provided. After the integration with Align, new Smile Assist customers will have to access Smile Assist through their IDS site through the Treatment Planning Services link. This will eliminate the need to provide their username and password and will enable the direct link to the ClinCheck through the Smile Assist web site.   


Is there any change in the workflow for the Smile Assist consultant or doctor?

No. The process and communication that currently exists has proven to be very successful and will not change. 


What is the next step? 

For our current client doctors – be on the lookout for the next IDS update. Under the headings on the right side of your home page, look for a new option called Treatment Planning Services. Click on this tab and follow the prompts to register with Smile Assist to become integrated. After integration, doctors will submit cases to Smile Assist by going through the Treatment Planning Services link.

For Smile Assist consultants, no action is required on your part to register. When a patient is submitted and a direct link has been established, the link will appear next to the patient’s name on the Smile Assist consultant home page. If the link is not present, then access the ClinCheck using the doctor username and password as done previously.

Smile Assist is very excited to see this integration become a reality.  With changes, we know there will be some bumps during the transition. Our team remains committed to see that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

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