Frequently Asked Questions

Will using SmileAssist help me provide better treatment?
Better is always hard to describe. What SmileAssist will do is give you the advantage of one on one help from some of the most respected orthodontists in the world.
Do I have to use the recommendations of my SmileAssist consultant?
You remain the treating doctor and always know your patients better than anyone else. The recommendations from your SmileAssist consultant are exactly that...recommendations. You are free to use or not use any of the recommendations that are made.
Why can't SmileAssist approve the setup? Why do I have to approve the setup before appliances are made?
You are the treating doctor of record. Your SmileAssist consultant is making recommendations to help improve the quality and predictability of the treatment outcome. The patient is still your patient so it is very important that you review the virtual setup and understand it prior to approval.
How often can I use SmileAssist?
You can use SmileAssist for all your patients. There is no limitation on the number of patients you can submit for help with.
Can I choose my consultant?
For most Doctors the consultants are randomly assigned on a rotating basis to give each doctor the advantage of learning different approaches.  Should you find a consultant that consistently matches your treatment approach, you have the ability to specifically request that individual at the time of case submission.

About Smile Assist

Smile Assist was the brainchild of Dr. Dave Paquette and Dr. Clark Colville. After years of lecturing worldwide and receiving hundreds of email requests for assistance with various types treatment plans, we realized that the internet is the perfect portal to provide assistance to doctors worldwide.

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