Smile Assist was the brainchild of Dr. Dave Paquette and Dr. Clark Colville. After years of lecturing worldwide and receiving hundreds of email requests for assistance with various types treatment plans, we realized that the internet is the perfect portal to provide assistance to doctors worldwide. We have spent several years interviewing and recruiting the most respected orthodontic specialists in the world as smile assist consultants. As virtual treatment planning becomes more prevalent and complex, our consultants are here to make sure every orthodontist has the ability to provide their patients the best care possible.

Let our experts help your patients!

Whether you are a seasoned clinician or new to the world of orthodontics, a SmileAssist consultant is here to offer their experience and recommendations to improve your treatment outcomes. Smile Assist consultants are orthodontic specialists and are recognized leaders in their respective disciplines. Each of our experts spent years to perfect their treatment planning protocols and stay abreast of the many changes and updates in their respective area of expertise. Skip the learning curve and start giving your patients the quality results they expect you to deliver.